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Henan Piaoan Group Co.,Ltd

Company Profile
Henan PiaoˇŻan Group is a large Chinese private manufacturer of medical hygiene material that founded in 1989 and covers the area of 360 thousand square meters. Armed with the brand name strategy initiated by the CEO, PiaoˇŻan has actively engaged in technical innovation, scientific management and mergers and acquisitions. At present, it is one of the most largest medical hygiene material producers with exceeding 500 products, and approximate 5000 staff. Meanwhile, its brand valued at 0.336 billion RMB in 200...
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Contact Us
Company: Henan Piaoan Group Co.,Ltd
Contact: Ms. Jinqi Shi
Address: Piaoan Industrial Zone
Postcode: 453400
Tel: 0086-373-8702610
Fax: 0086-373-8702111


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Tel : 0086-373-8702610 Fax : 0086-373-8702111
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